Upper Body Workout | High Intensity

Increasing the volume for exercises while also decreasing rest time in between sets and reps is a great way to amp up the intensity of your workouts–especially if you’re cutting (decreasing body fat). Give this upper body workout a try and focus on doing just that! 

1:44 | LAT PULL DOWNS | 4×15-20
2:27 | SHOULDER PRESSES | 5×10-15
3:19 | LATERAL RAISES | 5×15-20
3:52 | TRX Y FLY | 4×10-15
4:37 | DEFICIT DIPS | 4×10-15

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2 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout | High Intensity

  1. Thanks for posting your workout videos! I will definitely be trying majority of these moves once I join the gym. Some of them I can do at home but others, I need more equipment and heavier weights. And BTW, your body is goals!! 😩😍

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