How to Safely & Effectively HIP THRUST

Hip thrusts are the foundation for bigger, stronger, more shapely glutes. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to perform them optimally.

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Training is like baking. It’s not just about the ingredients; but how you use and apply them. You can have the ingredients (exercises), but if your method (form) and your measurements (volume) aren’t applied properly, the final product (progress) will likely not turn out to its full potential. Hip thrusts are the foundation to bigger, better, & stronger glutes. Here are some form tips & que’s so you can safely & effectively thrust: Bench should be placed beneath the shoulder blades. Ladies, this will typically be around the area of where your sports bra ends. Having the bench placed here will help prevent slipping/sliding as it’s a much stable pivot point than being above the shoulder blades. Chin should be “tucked”. Eyes forward. 👀 Your head follows where your eyes are looking, so strive to look straight ahead. Aim to keep your head and rib cage relatively still, allowing the movement to stem from the hips. Knees should be at 90 degree angle and out (not caved in), in-line with toes. If you’re using a band (as shown) make sure you are actively pushing out ↔️ against it the entire time. Hips should reach full hip extension (all the way up, locked out with a tucked, posterior pelvic tilt) at top. Finish with an intentional squeeze — think of your glutes like a clothespin. – Like any exercise, proper form and range of motion comes first, followed by weight. – This set-up is generally suited for most, but not necessarily for all. Some may have a slight tweak (ex. feet turned out and/or feet slightly farther away) on things that works/feels better for them. Experiment and find what works best for YOU. – Found this post helpful?💡 SAVE & SHARE with a 👯‍♀️ friend below! – Glute Loop: @bcstrengthofficial @bretcontreras1 Leggings: @bombshellsportswear – – – – – #exercisedemo #howtohipthrust #gluteworkout #bombshellsportswear #inthethrustwetrust #bootybuilder #gluteday #barbellhipthrust #glutetraining

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