You don’t need to have a B.S. in Exercise Science or a certification in personal training to succeed in fitness. You don’t have to have amazing genetics or a bunch of money. All you need — and what’s more important — is having patience, persistency, and determination.

I am lifestyle fitness enthusiast, with over seven years of experience of trials and errors, ups and downs, and in-betweens.

With the rise of the fitness boom, there has been (and will continue to be) a bunch of “junk.” Phony advice, flat-out lies, products, and plans to trick and assure you results that are unrealistic, unhealthy, and/or unsustainable.

Here’s the truth: a realistic, maintainable physique truly is a journey — and a unique one for everybody. Progress takes time — months to several years depending on your body aspirations; but with patience, persistency, determination, and most importantly, self-love, you can reach any fitness goal.

It is my mission to make fitness and nutrition simplified, un-intimidating, and desirable, so you can believe in yourself and achieve your body goals.

I’m here to help. ♥

Your friend in fitness,