What Grade Does Your Favorite Fast Food/Restaurant Score?

CNN announced that 20 out of 25 of the largest U.S. fast food and casual restaurants earn an F when it comes to “their policies and practices regarding antibiotics use and transparency in their meat and poultry supply chains” (see chart below).

This is quite disturbing considering that these are restaurants/fast food chains that many of us Americans visit frequently.

I wasn’t surprised that Chipotle earned an A, but I was when I learned that Panera did also. To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical if they were as “fresh” as they claim to be. So good job Panera and Chipotle! That’s why we love you and are willing to pay a little bit more.

Curious about Chick-fil-a? Don’t worry they scored a B.

I was taken aback to learn that McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts received C’s, while Subway earned a FI would think these two grades would be switched, and that Subway would earn at least a B. Subway, ya’ll are suppose to be fresh! It’s in your tagline. Come on fam.

Don’t see your favorite chain listed above? Sorry to break it to you but that means they failed. And that includes Starbucks, Olive Garden, Applebee’s and more. For the full investigation conducted by Chain Reaction click here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.22.00 PM*All photo credits belong to Chain Reaction

8 thoughts on “What Grade Does Your Favorite Fast Food/Restaurant Score?

  1. Whoa! Thanks for sharing. Lol @ subway people swear by its healthy options and clealiness just because you can see the food but thats it. Wow @ startbuck such a large brand but poor policy and prodedure. Wanted chick to get an A but I can have it all. Thanks for this post. . Very informative

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  2. Great list of places to avoid! Of the top three, the only one available to me locally is Panera, but since bread wrecks hell with my gut, I don’t go very often.
    But this was just another reason for a specific type of meal prep. I often find that post-weight-training I am leaving the house and need some whole food protein. I have gotten lay and relying on McD’s or Wendys. I guess this is a case of where a shake is better than whole food if the shake is ‘clean’ and the whole food isn’t.
    I have even been wondering about Greek Yogurt after I read that it tends to be laced with hormones. You planning a post on brands of yogurt? Please?😌😋


      1. Sorry to hear about your reaction with bread 😦 I think investing in some protein would be a good alternative for you, rather than stopping by Wendy’s or McDonald’s for a quick post workout protein fix. I know if I were to do that I would be tempted to buy some bad food haha. Be sure to check the label on protein before you buy it. They can put a bunch of junk and sugar in them sometimes- just like greek yogurt. I can do a post on greek yogurt if you’d like 🙂 I do have one now where I touch a little bit on how greek yogurts aren’t all made equally. It’s in “Healthy Snackin'”
        Thank you for your comments and questions 🙂


  3. The use of antibiotics in animals really isn’t an issue though. Also, totally not surprised about subway. Let’s be honest, their chicken looks like styrofoam and sits out all day. Can’t be fresh!


    1. The use of antibiotics in meat/poultry is an issue. Eventually the bacteria in the animal will become resistant and can thus cause serious health issues in us because we are consuming them. Companies use steroids and antibiotics for efficiency, so they can grow them and thus sell them faster. They don’t care about us. It’s all about money. The use of these hormones is a contributing factor to why children in the U.S. are going through puberty at a younger age in comparison to other countries like Europe.


      1. Antibiotics have been used for a long time in animals. Animals get sick. Just like humans. It does not change the meat quality. That’s absurd to think so. Would you rather the animals that become sick, just die and be wasted or we have a higher risk of eating tainted meat? Also, steroids couldn’t potentially cause youth to hit puberty sooner, but so can a number of things such as circumstances of our world and need to mature sooner, as well as hormones added to dairy cows, but not steroids. Steroids HAVE to be injected by muscle to have any change in a body. Some can be taken orally, but I assure you, the steroids given to animals are much different than what humans use. Steroids aren’t that common either because they increase the caloric needs of animals drastically. Another point, this chart is scoring companies on how transparent they are about their policies. Not their actual use. So the top companies can still be using antibiotics, they’re just more transparent about it. Those with a lower score may have chosen to not even bother putting our statements about there usage, giving them an automatic low score. Also, correlation vs causation in science. Correlation is inconclusive and the antibiotic studies are all correlative. Meaning all scientists do is find a common denominator. That’s why they’re saying meat causes colon cancer all of a sudden even though there is no real evidence proving it. Just a common denominator, but eating raises the chance of colon cancer in itself.


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