Unveiling Misconceptions: Losing Weight, Protein Shakes/Bars, & “Healthy” Salads

The formula to lose weight is simple – consume less and burn more than you’re taking in. The problem is, we are impatient and get discouraged easily because we don’t see progress right away and give up. We make a few minor changes and expect to see drastic changes quickly. Sorry, that’s not how it works.

I commonly hear from friends and strangers, or from overheard conversations around campus that, “I’m eating healthy and working out, but I’m not loosing any weight – and I’ve been drinking protein!” Read More

Fruit Ain’t Always “Sweet”

After the gym today, I stopped by Kroger this afternoon to pick up a few things, like chicken for the rest of the week and some avocados, and while on my way to checkout, I stopped to look at the different protein bars (which annoyingly, most still have horrible macros). Anyway, a heavy set man entered the aisle and asked for my advice on a few things- which is a large reason as to why I am writing this post.

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Instagram Models Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble

Lil Wayne ain’t jokin fam. Beware of certain fitness models because they aren’t as real as you may think. We all know that breast augmentation is common in the fitness industry; however, you may not be fully aware that several fitness models you frequently see on Instagram are getting implants in their lower body as well. Read More

Naivety With Food: I Was Dumb

When I first started lifting, my boyfriend would often tell me that the things I was eating were not really healthy, and I would get super mad about it. I would get mad at him (even though he had my best interest in mind) and mad at knowing deep down inside, that I probably should cut out the bad things I frequently ate, in order to see more results. Read More

Why “It Works!” Doesn’t Really Work

“It Works!” – Most of us have heard about this magical wrap from someone, or have seen it on social media. This wrap supposedly melts away fat around your stomach in just a few days. Sounds great, right? It is- temporarily. Read More

The Truth About Abs

Abs. We all want them. We think if we do 100 crunches or 3 minutes of planks daily we will get them, right? Wrong.

Abs are not solely about how many exercises you do, but rather a matter of body fat. You may be able to do a ton of sit ups, but it won’t matter if you have fat covering your abs. You won’t be able to see them. Read More