Instagram Models Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble

Lil Wayne ain’t jokin fam. Beware of certain fitness models because they aren’t as real as you may think. We all know that breast augmentation is common in the fitness industry; however, you may not be fully aware that several fitness models you frequently see on Instagram are getting implants in their lower body as well.

This is extremely deceptive to both men and women. It’s dishonest and misleads many girls about the reality of glute development.

Breast augmentation is understandable due to the decrease in body fat, which leaves most women with little to no chest. However, it is in no way acceptable to undergo augmentation for the bum, and to claim, “If you buy my workout program and/or online training you can achieve results just like me!”

Developing big, round glutes takes time. Lots of time. They can’t be achieved in a matter of months. Growing your glutes is achieved through heavy weight and also contraction based exercises.

So before you give fitness models out there praise, and/or buy into their workout program, do some research and make sure they have 100% earned that bod instead of simply enhancing it.

I am planning on posting glute exercises that I have found to be great booty builders, so make sure you subscribe/follow so you can stay in the loop! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Models Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble

    1. Yes! When you see a big booty with little to no muscle development in the quads, calves, and especially the hamstrings- you know something is fishy! If you aren’t already, you should follow @cali_aesthetics on IG. He’s funny and calls people out who have implants and claim their glutes are a result of their “hard work” (sometimes he takes it too far though…).

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