Exciting Announcement: ONLINE COACHING

So very excited to announce that I am now officially taking on a limited amount of clients for online coaching!

Whether you’re looking to live a healthier and happier life (realistically) balanced with food and fitness, or are seeking to get shreddy for your weddy, or are just lookin’ to get your summer bod on — we can get you there! Read More

How To Make Cardio Suck Less

Oh, cardio…how we dread you so. However, it’s impossible to deny the positive effects you give. Below are suggestions on how to make cardio more bearable, and even how to actually start enjoying cardio.

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A Letter From a Fellow Graduate

Dear College Freshmen,

You are about to enter a whole new exciting chapter of your life. These next four years are going to fly by. How it flies, is up to you.

College is going to be very different from your past 12 years in school– and it’s all because of one word- choice. This next chapter of your life is so important to your future, because of the choices you make during your (hopefully) four years. Read More


Have more effective workouts, leading to greater results with this one tip- Read More

Ladies: Start Here

Jumping into the fitness lifestyle can be intimidating and may leave you feeling a little lost at first with questions like, “How should I start lifting? What exercises should I be doing? What things should I eat? What things should I not be eating?”
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Sink or Swim

Stress and regret are some of the worse feelings, especially when you’ve become compliant with listening to the negative thoughts in your head – they can become a detrimental snowball effect, that results in you loosing a part of yourself; of your aspirations, if you let them. Read More