Life After College: Now What?

If you’re like me, you’ve just graduated from college and may be thinking to yourself, “OK now what?”

Since we entered the schooling system about sixteen years ago, life was pretty predictable; We went to kindergarten, then primary school, then elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then hopefully, college.

We no longer have a set blueprint to follow. Now, it’s 100% up to us to make the next very important step in life. These next few years are detrimental to our future.

If you are between the ages of 19-25, YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

*Excuse the language

Now’s not the time to play it safe; now is the time more than ever to take a risk, before we have, as Gary says, “baggage.” To follow and pursue our crazy dreams– whether we have the support or not from those closest to us. Because if we don’t at least try, we’re gonna be faced with gut wrenching “what if’s?” later down the road.

Casey Neistat, a cinematographer and daily vlogger for +365 days, has become a huge inspiration in my life since I started watching his daily vlogs about 3 months ago. He is a prime exam of never giving up on your dreams. He never let his past or limited resources in the beginning prohibit or discourage him.

For example, Casey never graduated from high school, or got a professional education in cinematography; yet he has achieved so much. Casey has made videos for Nike, Mercedes-Benz, J. Crew and so on. I have so much respect for this guy.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or if you went to college, or even if you’re poor. Yes, having those elements definitely can help make things slightly easier, but if you don’t have that deep, obsessive, strong drive to achieve what you want, then you’re not going to ever get it.

You can have all the resources possible, but if you’re not taking advantage of them and being proactive, then you won’t achieve anything. When you have a driving passion and refuse to give up on it, no matter what limited sources or obstacles that you have, you’re bound to become successful one way or another– it may not be immediate, but over time, you’re bound to catch it. It won’t fall into your lap, you have to get up and go get it!

So, take advantage of where you are in life right now. Have crazy aspirations – don’t let go of them. It’s time to hustle.

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7 thoughts on “Life After College: Now What?

  1. Yep! I’m also going to be graduating this month, and the first thing on my list of crazy dreams is developing my blogs into something big 😀
    Loved the video!


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