Captured Moments 3


Hey ya’ll!

Started yesterday off with some oats- still trying to measure everything, every meal. It really does take time, but I think it should pay off in the end.

As you may know, I recently graduated from college a few months ago. If you would have asked me a year ago about what I planned to do after college, I would have said I plan on working a 9-5 with an AD/PR agency. Well, that’s not what I’m doing and it’s not what I plan on doing- at least not at first.

I want to create something of my own, while I’m young and still have this window of opportunity. Now, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly this is gonna be, what route I’m going to take; but I know for dang sure I’m gonna give this a shot.

I have recently started reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness. If you find yourself in the same boat as me, yearning to build something of your own, check out his YouTube channel and consider buying one of his books. I’m only into the first few chapters, and am already really enjoying his motivation and insight.

A few weeks ago, I got a patio tomato plant (hence the above picture), in hopes that I could grow a few tomatoes every now and then to cook with. Slowly but surely. 🙃


You know how when you buy something, and it says ‘HUGE’ or ‘GIANT’ on the box and you’re like yeah, OK, we’ll see- well this guy proved me wrong…

If you’re looking for some good glute and ham exercises, check my Instagram- I posted a video last night of three good exercises.

Have a fun and productive weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Captured Moments 3

  1. Do you take these pictures, if so they are amazing! Love this account could you possibly do a post on what to eat before exercising. I do intense cross country and I would love to get some good advice on that. Thank you!! Drop a follow and a like if you can!!!


    1. Thanks Taylor! Yes, I captured these photos. 🙂

      That is a great suggestion for a post- I will get that up in the upcoming days! But until then, if you do cross country I would definitely recommend drinking enough water through out your day, and loading up on carbs- preferably whole-grain for bread or spaghetti. When running, carbs are the first source your body will use for energy. Fruits and veggies are also good too because of their fiber and nutrients.

      Hope that helps a bit for now!

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