Captured Moments 2

Hey guys!

I’m gonna start up captured moments again (several months later lol). These are going to be more ‘bloggy,’ than my normal posts, to share with you more personally into my life. Yes, fitness and food are huge passions of mine, but there is more to me than just that. 😊 Read More

Current State: March

I haven’t been posting like I originally anticipated and hoped, because this last semester of mine has been CRAZY! With the passing of each day, I am amazed (and also scared) of how fast each day flies by, mostly because I still have so much to get done before graduation. Agh! Read More

Current State: February

It’s been about two months since I last “checked” in, so here we go!


Only about a pound down from December, however, if you compare this post from my last current state post, you will notice I have achieved a little bit more definition (which to be honest, this picture is not the best depiction of, due to the grainy quality of the picture). Read More

What Is a Balanced Diet?

A well balanced diet is when you eat according to your macronutrients, or macros. Everyone is different- in weight, metabolism, goals (to loose weight or gain muscle), and thus requires a different intake of calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. Read More

My Fitness Journey

Hey guys,

Before I start posting about fitness related things, I thought I should shed some insight about my fitness journey.

Halfway through my Freshman year at LU, I had gained over 20 lbs (pic below). Read More