Captured Moments 1

Hey guys! Hope you were able to spend time with your family and friends this past Easter weekend, and were able to reflect on the precious day.

So you may have noticed that the blog is different with a new, crisp theme, and in honor of it, I am going to be starting to post more often throughout the week with captured moments from my day- to share with you a more personal glimpse into my daily life. I will continue to write other content as well of course, and eventually start vlogging.


One thing that I love about this small town of Lynchburg, is that there are a variety of small little cafes, such as the one I went to yesterday called, “Open Porch.” It had a warm, cozy, southern feel to it, which was a relaxing environment to get work done.IMG_0677


Had to try their iced tea of course. They have different brews to choose from, along with coffee, and have donut holes which were extremely tempting.IMG_0693

Even though I have been at LU for almost 4 years now, I am still blown away with the beauty of this campus. Especially on sunny, clear skies like yesterday and today.


Lunch: Italian herb Flatout wrap with ham, spring & spinach mix, and pico de gallo.IMG_0712

Current pre I take occasionally throughout the week when I really need that extra boost for the gym. I take less than half a scoop and it gets me hyped. Love the flavor- literally tastes like Nerds candy. :))IMG_0715

I take MAN’s Sports Pump Powder almost every time I workout now because I like the pumps that it aides in. IMG_0726

Pre-workout snack: Lenny & Larry’s Snickerdoodle protein cookie. The Birthday Cake and Double Chocolate Chip ones are amazing as well! IMG_0728

Was greeted with this view after killin’ a back and bicep day at the gym.IMG_0740

Dinner: Chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, and curry powder. Jasmine rice topped with pico de gallo, and a spring mix with spinach topped with a couple drops of light balsamic dressing. Yaasss!

For more pics and vids follow me on IG and Twitter @hmillerfit

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