Captured Moments 1

Hey guys! Hope you were able to spend time with your family and friends this past Easter weekend, and were able to reflect on the precious day.

So you may have noticed that the blog is different with a new, crisp theme, and in honor of it, I am going to be starting to post more often throughout the week with captured moments from my day- to share with you a more personal glimpse into my daily life. Read More

My Fitness Journey (2012-2016)

Whether you’re new to lifting or have been doing it for awhile and feel like giving up because you aren’t seeing what you think you should be, I encourage you to hang in there because it takes time. Read More

Current State: March

I haven’t been posting like I originally anticipated and hoped, because this last semester of mine has been CRAZY! With the passing of each day, I am amazed (and also scared) of how fast each day flies by, mostly because I still have so much to get done before graduation. Agh! Read More

Back and Shoulder Workout

Today’s workout consisted of deadlifts, underhand wide easy-bar rows, cable lateral raises, overhead press, and pull-ups.

Below are some pictures with some personal tips! Read More

Leg Day Motivation

It’s Tuesday, which for me means leg day- with extra emphasis on building the glutes. If you’re like me, sometimes leg day can be draining, just thinking about your workout. Extra motivation is always helpful on these kinda days, which is why I decided to share this video by IAMBUILT. Read More

Current State: February

It’s been about two months since I last “checked” in, so here we go!


Only about a pound down from December, however, if you compare this post from my last current state post, you will notice I have achieved a little bit more definition (which to be honest, this picture is not the best depiction of, due to the grainy quality of the picture). Read More

Get Your Muscles Warm, Unless You Want Something Torn

Stretching and warming up your muscles are vital before lifting- especially when you’re doing legs. Problems will more than likely arise later down the road if you don’t take the time to properly warm up your muscles before diving into lifting. I can personally attest, and am regretful I didn’t consistently do it from the beginning. Let me tell you why. Read More

The Truth About Abs

Abs. We all want them. We think if we do 100 crunches or 3 minutes of planks daily we will get them, right? Wrong.

Abs are not solely about how many exercises you do, but rather a matter of body fat. You may be able to do a ton of sit ups, but it won’t matter if you have fat covering your abs. You won’t be able to see them. Read More

“I Just Need Motivation”

I don’t have time. I don’t feel like it. I don’t know what to do. What will people think?

These are common excuses we make for ourselves when we are too lazy or too scared to go to the gym. We may want to badly, but don’t do it based off of these excuses. Read More

How To Burn 300 Calories In Less Than 30 Minutes

I hate doing cardio, however, it’s undeniable that it is necessary when trying to get lean. So I have experimented with ways to effectively burn more in a shorter amount of time. Read More