“I Just Need Motivation”

I don’t have time. I don’t feel like it. I don’t know what to do. What will people think?

These are common excuses we make for ourselves when we are too lazy or too scared to go to the gym. We may want to badly, but don’t do it based off of these excuses.

So. How bad do you really want it? Do you really want to loose weight? Or do you really want to build muscle? Then change your perspective. If you treat going to the gym like its a chore, then guess what, you’re going to be miserable and you will have a sucky, ineffective workout.

Do I always feel like working out 6/7 days of the week? Heck no. There are days when I literally want to just go lay in my bed after class and do nothing but watch Netflix. Do I? Sometimes. But most of the time I will push through it and at the least go to the gym and do cardio. Try to think out of the moment, and into your goal. Stay focused.

If you still aren’t motivated consider this. You (most likely) have the ability to get up and walk and move. There are people who would kill to be able to just simply walk. Be grateful. Take advantage of your health and get going!

When I am not feeling motivated, I will go on Instagram and look at some of the girls who are an inspiration to me – Michelle Lewin, Katy Hearn – and that usually gets me motivated to go put in work.

Another source of inspiration is C.T. Fletcher. He is crazy but extremely motivating. I encourage you to watch this video and if you don’t feel pumped after, I don’t know what will.

Heads up, he curses a lot and is intense. But funny 🙂

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