Leg Day Motivation

It’s Tuesday, which for me means leg day- with extra emphasis on building the glutes. If you’re like me, sometimes leg day can be draining, just thinking about your workout. Extra motivation is always helpful on these kinda days, which is why I decided to share this video by IAMBUILT.

Justin explains well the concept of how important it is to get that good, contracting, squeeze. You’ll notice these girls aren’t lifting a huge amount of weight- they’re focusing on high reps with contraction. Many people go into the gym thinking if they aren’t lifting heavy weight, they won’t get bigger. Not true. Focusing on getting those contractions are just as important, if not more, to build muscle.

Let’s get it!

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2 thoughts on “Leg Day Motivation

  1. As a strength trainer (please forgive me for saying this), I find most of that unnecessary, especially abductor and adductor machines. The main lift you need to develop your glutes is the squat. After doing back squats, my glutes are on fire for a couple of days.

    Deadlifts are the only other main lift I do for my legs. I see in the video that they’re using kettlebells for deadlifts, which is just fine if you’re not pulling much weight. Later there were actually straight-leg deads which really hit the hams and glutes. I prefer bent-leg deads as they really murder my entire posterior chain going up to my lumbar as well as hitting my traps, plus I build a good grip which has caused my forearms to become noticeably bigger.

    Granted, strength training isn’t for everyone. I’m only one of about three guys who do strength training at my gym. That said, every day I lift (four days a week) is “leg day” since part of my main lifts on Sunday and Wednesday are squats, I do deads as my main lift on Monday and switch off to rack pulls for my main lift on Thursday (I do deads on Thursday as well, but as an assistance lift … more reps and lighter weights).

    If the women in the video learned how to squat, their glutes would get all the workout they need.

    I do have to admit though, I felt a little bit like a pervert watching the video (I’m at work, so I have to be a tad careful about NSFW content).

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    1. James, I appreciate your input as always!

      These women in the video, and myself, still incorporate squats and deadlifts, I assure you. Yes, they are an important foundational compound exercise. However, where you and I differ are our goals. My goals are to build an aesthetic physique. I am not concerned with how much weight I can push or pull- I don’t get satisfaction in that. I have prepared for and completed a push, pull competition two years ago. It was a good experience, but powerlifting is not my thing.

      Haha, I can understand how the video might of made you feel a tad awkward while at your job. Whoops!


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