Week #1 of Beginner Booty Plan

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I have been working on creating a 6-week beginner bootybuilding plan and have decided to release a sneak peak!

Below is the first out of the six-week plan. Each weekly split contains two glute specific days, an overall lower body day, an overall upper body day, and three rest days– taken at your convenience.

I am sharing the first week because I want some honest feedback on it. This plan is designed for ladies relatively new to the gym, seeking to tighten (or “tone”), perk, and grow the bum.

The actual plan will be an ePDF and have visual and descriptive how-to’s of each exercise, along with a more attractive appearance/formatting than what is shown below- I am just sharing the first week’s workout raw.


(set weight for machine exercises are not given intentionally; choose a weight that is challenging enough to do 10-15 reps of each set)

*rest days are to be taken at your convienience/preference



Lower Body

Squats w/ Dumbbells, 5-10lbs, 4×10-15

Lunges w/ Dumbbells, 5-10lbs, 4×10-15 (per leg)

Step-Ups, 4×10 (per leg)

Leg Extensions, 4×10

Hamstring Curls, 4×10



10 Min.




Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, 5-10lbs, 4×10-15

Glute Bridges, 4×15

Standing Kick Backs, 4×10-15 (per leg)

Glute Side Raises, 4×10-15 (per leg)

Crab Walks, 4×10 (per leg)



Crunches, 3×10

Leg Raises, 3×10

Flutter Kicks, 3×10

Planks, 3×15 sec.



Upper Body

Lat Pull-Downs, 4×10-15

Shoulder Press, 5lbs, 4×10-15

Front Raises, 5lbs, 4×10-15

Kneeled Push-ups, 4×8-10

Bench Dips, 4×8-10

Bicep Curls, 5-10lbs, 4×10-15



10 Min.




Sumo Squats, 5-10lbs dumbbell/kettlebell, 4×10-15

Glute/Ham Extensions, 4×10-15

Hip Abductors Machine, 4×15

Glute Bridges, 4×15

Kneeling Kick Backs, 4×10



Sit-Ups, 3×10

Leg Raises, 3×10

Russian Twists, 3×10

Planks, 3×15-25 sec.











So, try this week out- with yo independent self, or with a group of gals- and come back and let me know your thoughts– too easy, too hard? Not interested in doing an upper body day (I’m debating whether to take it out or not)? Seriously, I want honest feedback here.

I am anticipating to have the complete 6-week beginner booty program available by mid-October at the earliest; late-October by the latest. So subscribe to stay up-to-date!


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16 thoughts on “Week #1 of Beginner Booty Plan

  1. The plan looks cool and it’s nice that your sharing your feedback! But I have to say… Judging from the picture… Do you really need to do a booty building program?! The one you have is phenomenal!


    1. Thanks Jen!! ☺️

      I am not making this program for me- I’m making this program for women who are newish to lifting, and whose goals are to start developing their legs and bum!


      1. Okay when you said “working on” I thought you meant “doing one” … but you meant actually creating it! Well damn girl based on the evidence I think I would be down to try it!


  2. This is such a good idea! I’m always keen to try new booty building programs 😛 The only opinion I have would be to maybe add in plyometrics as the cardio option? Burpees, jump squats, jumping lunges, tuk jumps etc.. I know its for a beginner/newbie to the gym but it might make it more interesting and it focusses on the legs/bum too 🙂 Just my ‘honest’ feedback 😀 you look great btw xx


    1. Zoe,

      Thanks so much for your comments and suggestion!! 😊

      Throughout the following weeks of the plan, there are plyo exercises incorporated into glute and lower body days (usually towards the end of the workout) to “change it up” and also because plyo’s are such great exercises for development- as you know. 😉 In the plan, I also suggest that whatever you decided to do as your cardio- going for a run, stair stepper, etc.- doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you work with intensity and push yourself during those 10 or 15 minutes.

      But doing other/more plyo’s for cardio is a good idea. Thanks for your input!

      You look great yourself girl! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great innitiative!

    If i may, i’d suggest you put abs before glutes in the workout. Trom the health point of view it should be better. The reason being that often when you do leg exercise you engage your abs/lowerback as a supporting musle group. This way abs will be sufficiently pumped and will create additional support for your spine to avoid unpleasent results. Also it is adviced to work-out from the core to outskirts.

    Good work, seeing some solid progress 😉


    1. Vladimir,

      Thank you for sharing that suggestion- it’s an interesting proposal. To be honest, I’ve always done abs at the end of my glute workouts, just because I like to devote most of my energy and strength towards them, and therefore, that’s why I crafted this plan to be set-up this way.

      In your personal experience, have you found it to be more beneficial when doing glutes or legs?


  4. Hello ! Some updates , The booty plan has been a challenge for me . I could not complete all the exercises ,but I am getting stronger by day. So far , I honestly love it and my legs and booty are really feeling it. I still have problems sitting on my bun . I did not do the abs this week , but next week I will do it.


    1. Lina,

      So happy to hear that! Haha, if you have access to a foam roller, that will help a bit with the soreness in your glutes and legs. Thank you so much for coming back and letting me know- I really appreciate it and am glad you like it so far.😊

      Keep at it! Weeks 2-6 get progressively more challenging. 😉 Can’t wait to release it in the following weeks!

      Liked by 1 person

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