How To Make Cardio Suck Less

Oh, cardio…how we dread you so. However, it’s impossible to deny the positive effects you give. Below are suggestions on how to make cardio more bearable, and even how to actually start enjoying cardio.


The most obvious go-to in the gym- motivating music.

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I absolutely love Spotify; they have so many different playlists to choose from. If you like rap and remixes, check these out:


Stream a music playlists or watch your favorite vlogger. My favorite vlogger is without a doubt Casey Neistat (the O.G. of vlogging). I also enjoy watching Nikki Blackketter time to time too.

Whatever or whoever it is, pull them up and get hustlin’.



Things are better when you have a friend by your side suffering with you. Persuade a friend to join you next time you hit cardio. Change it up, make it fun, challenge and motivate each other.




If you can stomach it- why not read? If you’re in college, this could be an additional time to brush up on your studying, especially if you learn better by being in motion, as opposed to being stagnant in a chair.

Make sure you are still challenging yourself though; that you are not too distracted to the point where it’s hendering your intensity of cardio.



Music, YouTube, a friend, and reading are great ways to enhance cardio, but-

The most important and surefire way to not dread– or to even actually enjoy cardio, is to change your perspective.

You train your muscles- your arms, back, legs, etc.-to not only get stronger, but to look and perform better. So why do we dread cardio so much, when it is essentially training the heart’s endurance?

Stop looking at cardio as cardio, and start viewing it as training to make you an overall better athlete. Fitness should be more than just looking good; it should be about performing good, both in strength and cardiovascular exercises.

Get out there, push yourself, and be happy and thankful that you’re able to do what you can do.


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10 thoughts on “How To Make Cardio Suck Less

  1. I find all of those distracting except mindset. For me, whether it’s cardio or lifting, the workout is all in my head. Also, for personal reasons, I have to be able to hear what’s going on around me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand what you’re saying James, and agree with you a lot. Whether lifting or doing cardio, or whatever you want to get better at, you should be present and focused on what you’re doing- to make the most of it, I agree.

      But for others who are starting out and really dislike cardio, I thought these suggestions might help.

      Ultimately, it is important to get to the place where your perspective is changed and cardio is viewed as training, and performed with intensity.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, James. 🙂


  2. The Friends clip is from one of my favorite episodes. Ya gotta love Phoebe. Listening to audio books makes my workouts seem to go faster and working out with friends lends a fun, competitive edge. Great suggestions!


  3. I like the insight that cardio actually exercises our heart, well said!

    I’d add one more thing that proved very well for myself and that is audiobook. Instead of listening the music all around i like to listen to recording of a book because I am still able to concentrate on the thought expressed. So it’s helping your body and mind the same time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and the above blogger both suggested audiobooks- ya’ll must be onto something! 🙂

      Podcasts could be a good idea too. As you said, to be both learning and working at the same time.

      Thanks for sharing Vladimir! 🙂


      1. Indeed, Podcasts are very good as well 🙂 The advantage is that you actually do not need that strong mind-muscle connection so you can devote some focus to what is being said in your headphones 🙂


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