one lovely blog award

One Lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated by the beautiful Bea from BeaFree for my very first blog award! First and foremost, thank you Beatriz–I absolutely love your blog, so it is very humbling that you chose to include me as one of your nominees.

Now let’s get to it!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. List seven facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate up to fifteen people and leave a link to their blog.
  4. Tell them you nominated them.


  1. I’M GETTING MARRIED IN MAY. I used to think women were always being dramatic and seeking attention when discussing the stress of wedding planning. Now, I understand.
  2. I’m dying to go to my first country concert this summer. I’m thinking Jason Alden, Eric Church, or Dierks Bentley.
  3. I’ve been obsessed with pugs since 2013, and probably have 20+ pug related items in my home. Seriously.
  4. I always have been extremely clumsy, yet have never broken a bone (knock on wood).
  5. If I didn’t discover fitness, I honestly don’t know what I would be doing (passion/hobby wise). I would probably be a huge bookworm–I love classics!
  6. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian but didn’t pursue it because I am squeamish when it comes blood; plus I wasn’t too fond of going to school for an additional 7+ years. #letsbehonest
  7. It drives me nuts when I see pairs of shoes littered throughout the highway. How does this happen? I just don’t understand.


  1. Amanda | The Bellezza Corner
  2. Jen | Standing Strong Wellness
  3. Hanna | The Healthiest Me
  4. Carolyn| Beauty Beyond Bones
  5. Paul | The Captain’s Speech
  6. Zoe | FitBabe’95
  7. Lauren | Eating Bro Food
  8. Dusty | The Flexible Baker
  9. Carla | Barbells ‘n Bites
  10. Blair | The Shameful Sheep


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