My Supplement Stack

Hello hello! I wanted to share what supplements I am currently taking; why, and how they have performed for me.

Vitamin D3– I have a deficiency in Vitamin D (who doesn’t?) and take it daily if for overall health.

L-Carnitine– I just recently started taking L-Carnitine. I did some research about it before I bought it because I was skeptical, but thought I would give it a try. L-Carnitine is suppose to help with fat loss while also aiding in muscle building. This greatly appealed to me because that is what I am working towards right now. I have found that in combination with increased cardio and clean eating that this baby works. The fat around my stomach has shrunk a lot, so now I can more visibly see my abs. Also, I have noticed that taking it in the mornings, I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Love it!

Arginine & Ornithine– Started taking this amino acid combo about 2 weeks ago. It is suppose to help with vascularity for better pumps, thus resulting in muscle growth. I have definitely seen and felt better pumps in the gym. Also, I am noticing some veins are becoming more visible and vascular and that it has helped with muscle growth.

Creatine– In the past couple years of lifting, I have never taken creatine separately. If I had it, it was because it was in a pre-workout. I was hesitant because I knew creatine made you retain water and I already do that naturally, so I didn’t want to look more “puffy.” However, on the days I do take creatine, which is when I do legs/glutes, I have found it to be helpful. I feel much stronger and don’t get fatigued as easy. It can be very beneficial. Don’t be scared to take creatine ladies!!! There are more benefits to it than you probably realize. I encourage you to take a look at this article on the advantages creatine offers.

Amino Energy Pre-Workout– Amino Energy is my go-to. I love it. You can customize how much caffeine you want with how many scoops you use. I usually take 2-3 scoops, 15-30 minutes before going to the gym. Sometimes, if I need a boost to keep me going through classes or work, I will have a scoop or two. Also, I may occasionally take it for the amino acids if I am really sore the next day.

For more pics and vids, checkout my insta @hmillerfit  🙂

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