Aim’n’s Feather Tights provide a pretty burst of color for your spring or summer gym outfits! In this review, I touch on the look, feel, sizing, performance, and shipping of these leggings, so you can decide if they are a good fit for you. Let’s take a closer look! Read More


For a couple months, I was struggling with getting a good nights sleep. I would find my mind racing at night, reminding me of all the upcoming things that I needed to get done. My body would be tired, yearning for sleep, but my mind would be going a million miles an hour. When I finally would fall asleep, I would wake up every couple of hours, look at the clock, get frustrated, roll over, fall back asleep again, then wake up again shortly and repeat this cycle many times throughout the night. Read More

One of the Best Pre-Workouts I’ve Had

I have recently been taking a new pre-workout that is now among my favorites (I’ve tried Amino Energy, N.O. Xplode, Mr. Hyde, Condense, C4, ON Gold Standard, Gameday, Volt, ENGN, BANG, and a bunch of others I can’t remember because they weren’t that memorable. It’s called PreSeries LEAN by Transparent Labs. Below I will touch on the product itself and taste. So keep reading if you are looking for a good pre-workout! Read More

My Supplement Stack

Hello hello! I wanted to share what supplements I am currently taking; why, and how they have performed for me.

Vitamin D3– I have a deficiency in Vitamin D (who doesn’t?) and take it daily if for overall health.

L-Carnitine– I just recently started taking L-Carnitine. I did some research about it before Read More