Review: MAN Sports Pump Powder and New Game Day Pre-Workout

Alright guys, it’s review time!

Let me start off by saying I have tried I don’t know how many pre-workouts over the years; from ones more mellow like Amino Energy to more intense ones like Mr. Hyde. For an almost inclusive list of all the pre’s I’ve tried, click here, and also learn about another really good pre-workout!

MAN Sports Pump Powder

MAN Sports’ Pump Powder is relatively new, so I thought writing this post may be beneficial if you’re considering purchasing it or want more information on it.


For about a month, I used Pump Powder almost every workout (5 days a week); alternating between a half or full scoop. I liked how this formula was stim-free, because I don’t always want caffeine before working out, but I do like to get a good pump in, and this powder seemed to do a good job of that because of the combination of Niacin, Vitamin B12, Citrulline Malate, etc.

In the past, I have also tried Olympian Labs A-AKG PowderNOXYGEN, MTS Nutrition Vasky and Arginine & Ornithine capsules.

All of these supplements were great; trying to pick a favorite is hard. However, if you want a bigger bang for your buck, I strongly recommend the Arginine & Ornithine capsules. The 250 bottle has 125 servings, so you will be set for a couple months!

MAN Sports Game Day


As you can see, I bought both the Pump Powder and Game Day in the “Dorks” flavor, as to prevent the flavor from getting weird on the days that I would mix them. Or maybe if you do mix flavors it will taste good…? Who knows.

I have to applaud MAN Sports when it comes to their product’s taste; they actually taste like the candy they’re playing off of, in this case “Nerds.” Maybe it was just my formula’s consistency, but I would find a few bits of harder like pieces every time I drank it, that I believe were to simulate the texture of “Nerds.” Twas a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, if you have tried MAN Sport’s GAME DAY in the past, I would say that their new formula is about the same (minus a few ingredients that were taken out, and others that were added).

Overall, GAME DAY is a good pre-workout if you’re looking for something high-stim, without that horrible crash like Hyde leaves you with. Most of the time, I would only use half a serving (that was enough for me), so I was able to extend the use of this pre by double.

What’s your favorite pre-workout?

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7 thoughts on “Review: MAN Sports Pump Powder and New Game Day Pre-Workout

      1. Jekyll and Hyde are like yin and yang 🙂 Hyde is high caffeine and very little for pump, but Jekyll is mostly for pump and only about 100mg of caffeine per scoop!


    1. Game Day gives a good amount of energy, without the crash. Like I said, I would typically only use half a serving and be good to go.

      As for focus, from what I can remember, it was pretty good for it. You should try it out. You can get it from Amazon almost $20 cheaper. The link to it is the underlined text “MAN Sports Game Day”, above the pic.

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