Aim’n’s Feather Tights provide a pretty burst of color for your spring or summer gym outfits! In this review, I touch on the look, feel, sizing, performance, and shipping of these leggings, so you can decide if they are a good fit for you. Let’s take a closer look!





There’s no denying that Aim’n’s High Waist Feather Tights look cute! Many of the unique prints that Aim’n uses “pop” with bright, colorful, designs and prints.



To the touch, these leggings are smooth, soft, and stretchy. The material is thicker in comparison to Nike Pro Cool Capris, but not as soft and stretchy as Bombshell Sportswear’s Sock Leggings. The fabric is 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex.



As per usual with ordering from a company for the first time online, I was unsure on what size to order, but eventually ended up purchasing a Small. Upon the first time wearing, the leggings were extremely tight and compressive around the thighs and bum, but have since loosened up and fit better — except for the waistband.

The waistband is composed of the same material that makes up the leggings, but is just folded and sewn over, which results in a loose and floppy waistband; it is not fitted up-top whatsoever. This is my biggest critique for the Feather Tights. An elastic material would have been a better, more effective design.



The first time training legs in the Feather Tights felt tight and constrictive. But as stated above, after wearing them a few times, they became more broken-in and therefore more comfortable and stretchy.

Despite the flimsy waistband, because the leggings are high-waisted, you have nothing to worry about when poppin’ a squat or taking a lunge. You also don’t have to worry about any transparency either when bending over in various lighting.


Pricing & Shipping

At the time of purchase, Aim’n’s Feather Tights ran in at $45, plus $9 for world wide shipping and handling (to U.S.), for a grand total of $54.

Aim’n’s world wide shipping estimates 2-15 days; however, I did not receive my order within that time frame — I received it days later. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur myself, I have shipped product to other countries, such as Australia, and the customer received their order prior to 15 days. Therefore, I found this experience with shipping to be somewhat unprofessional.

As for customer service, I think Aim’n can also improve. I understand that they’re a smaller company, but the response time for communication was quiet frustrating. My original tracking number for shipping was invalid, so I had to send two emails and a Facebook message before getting a response several days later.


So, would I purchase these leggings again, or at the full price of $75? Probably not.

They’re eye-invigorating, pretty leggings, but the waistband design on these tights is poor and I did not have that pleasant of an experience with receiving my order. Overall, I give these leggings a 6.5/10.


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I am not associated with Aim’n and therefore do not receive any form of compensation. I’m just a girl offering her review in efforts to help other women.



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