Get Your Muscles Warm, Unless You Want Something Torn

Stretching and warming up your muscles are vital before lifting- especially when you’re doing legs. Problems will more than likely arise later down the road if you don’t take the time to properly warm up your muscles before diving into lifting. I can personally attest, and am regretful I didn’t consistently do it from the beginning. Let me tell you why.

Currently, I am experiencing some mild and moderate issues with some bones and ligaments. I have sesamoiditis in my left foot, possible shin splints in my right shin, and an aching, popping right hip flexor. Most of these injuries are a result of me not taking the time to warm myself up. And consequently, I cannot lift as heavy as I once did.

Now, in addition to at home care (icing, massaging), I make dang sure I take the time before lifting to stretch and warm up my muscles. For example, when doing legs, I will do 5 minutes on the bike to get the blood flowing, followed by foam rolling (or vice versa). For the next 5-10 minutes, I stretch my hips, legs, and glutes, with and without bands. If my routine includes squats, I will use the hip abductor and adductor machine– using lighter weight, but doing several sets to get my hips stretched. By the end of this process, I am always ready to go!

Does this take 20 minutes or so before starting your workout? Yep. But it’s worth it. I sincerely encourage you to take the time to warm up, if you don’t already. Your body will thank you for it.

Leave a comment or question below. I’m interested to hear about your experience 🙂

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