Healthy Snackin’

Snacks. We eat them when we are in a hurry or when we need something to tie us over until our next meal. But eating just anything when we are hungry can be a step back in our goals. So below I have provided three ideas for an alternative healthy snack.

1. Rice cake with peanut butter

Rice cakes with peanut butter is the most common snack I have. I will have this with my egg whites in the morning in place of oatmeal, or I will have it as a pre-workout snack. It’s a good balance of carbs, protein, and fats. Rice cakes come in plain, caramel and cheddar. The caramel ones are really good. You don’t even need to top them with anything. Not only are they macro-friendly, they’re also budget friendly. Costing just a dollar and some change a pack. Beware of peanut butter. They vary greatly. Many are loaded with sugar. The Natural PB from Kroger has only 1g of sugar. No, it’s not the best tasting PB, but it is a better choice for your body.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt can make a good snack, however not all yogurts are created equal. Greek yogurt is currently a huge trend, but not all of them are really “healthy.” Many are loaded with sugar and calories. Be skeptical. Just because something is advertised as being healthy doesn’t mean it always is. Look into it, read the label. That being said, Carbmaster yogurt by Kroger has good macros; with 9g of protein, only 60 calories and 3g of sugar. The Black Forest Cake is my favorite. I especially like to have it at night when I get hungry and am craving something sweet. This satisfies me. Highly recommended. Plus, you can get 10 of these for $5 with your Kroger card!

3. Yogurt Topped with a Rice Cake

If you want a snack that is a little more sustainable, take a Carbmaster yogurt, and crumble up half a rice cake on top. This combo reminds me of yogurt and granola, but of course, a rice cake is not as crunchy as granola. Nonetheless, it does offer a nice little crunch texture to the yogurt. Below is an example, where I have taken Banana Creme Pie Carbmaster yogurt, and sprinkled half a crumbled caramel rice cake. Yum!


What healthy snacks have you discovered, and enjoy? Share below!

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