Captured Moments 5



If you follow me on Insta, you’ll know that this weekend was one for the books – I’M ENGAGED! 3 1/2+ years later, and we finally took the next step together. 😊

My fiancé and I spent a lot of this past weekend at the beach. One day, we were craving some fresh crab and a cold one, so we went to “Bubba’s.” It was SO good! Should you find yourself in Virginia Beach, head on over to Shore Drive and try Bubba’s. Seriously, it was fresh and absolutely delicious! This was my first time legitimately trying raw oysters, and I truly did enjoy them. As for the crab, well, you can’t get much fresher than eating crabs by the sea that they came from.

I have started putting together a draft of a soon to be 8-week fitness program. Its focus is primarily on lower body development, specifically the glutes, but it also contains overall development.

I don’t want this fitness program to be just another “build a booty” program. I’m crafting it from what I have found to be tried and true, and therefore, effective. I want to help you, or whomever, to actually lose weight or build a foundational physique leading to your goals. There’s so much mumbo jumbo and over-complication when it comes to “getting fit” nowadays. I want to strip it down to be simple and honest.

At the latest, this plan will be available by mid September. I’m anxious to finish it and get it out there, but at the same time, putting together a useful, real plan takes time and care. So stay tuned! Subscribe if ya haven’t already! And have a happy Monday ya’ll. 😄

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18 thoughts on “Captured Moments 5

  1. Congratulations! I know what you can put on your Wish List. Yup. Electric wok. 😁😂😊 Best to you both. We are still making variants with your recipes. Thank you. Bubba’s is good. We have one here at Treasure Island/John’s Pass. A fun place.


  2. Thank you James!

    Haha, I will definitely add that to our list. 😉 Glad ya’ll are still making and enjoying your own versions of the recipes. I need to get back to sharing more- I’ve been slacking with recipes lately.

    Hope you and your family are doing well.


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