Can’t decide if you want to buy? Below, I cover how Gymshark’s Fit Leggings look, feel, fit, and perform, along with some pros and cons, so you can decide if these leggings are a good match for you.




Gymshark’s Fit Legging’s in Cranberry/Rich Purple  give a pretty “pop” in appearance. The leggings are actually more pink than cranberry. The pictures shown above were all taken in natural light, with no color editing, for an accurate display of the tight’s true colors.



The Fit Legging’s material is 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane, which reminds me of an athletic, soft, thicker pantyhose material, due to the feel and “sheeny” appearance of them in light. Be cautious with the undergarments you choose to wear underneath — both in color and material — for the leggings are very sensitive to showing the outline of your undies and can be slightly transparent in various lighting and positions. Therefore my biggest critique for these leggings is that the material is not thicker and more durable (expanded upon below).



I took a risk and ordered an XS, and for the most part am pretty happy with it. They were very tight at first, but have since stretched out and adjusted to fit better due to the extremely stretchy material. For reference, I am 5’4″.

The waistband on these leggings is great — Gymshark has really stepped up their game of quality in this area. The “elasticated performance waistband” is thick, snug, and very secure due to the gel lining inside. No worries of any “slips” or constant adjustments.



At the time of this writing, I have worn these leggings three times, the most recent workout involving sumo deadlifts. The aftermath? I now have areas on my shins where the material has become fuzzy/frayed due to the scraping of the barbell. Quiet a disappointment considering Gymshark should know their market and what they will be doing while wearing these leggings. So obviously I do not advise doing deadlifts or anything involving friction in these tights if you want them to last awhile.


Overall, I give Gymshark’s Fit Leggings a 7/10.

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I am not associated with Gymshark and therefore do not receive any form of compensation. I’m just a girl offering her opinion in hopes to help other gals judge sizing and such.



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7 thoughts on “Review: GYMSHARK FIT LEGGINGS

    1. The most high-waisted leggings I have are the Aim’n Feather Leggings, which have waistband issues, so I have mixed feelings on recommending them. If you have extra dollars to spend, I recommend Bombshell Sportswear Thigh High Sock Leggings because they are just so cute and comfy!! On the flip side, they aren’t the most durable. Alot of people swear by Lulu’s. I have yet to try on a pair, but they may be worth a try?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks!! I saw your review of the Aim’n ones and have hesitated getting a pair b/c of the waistband issues you mentioned. I will have to try Lulus. The Bombshell ones have been on my wishlist for a while!! Maybe I will finally splurge on them. Lol. Thanks though!! I love your legging reviews!! ❤️❤️


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