Back and Shoulder Workout

Today’s workout consisted of deadlifts, underhand wide easy-bar rows, cable lateral raises, overhead press, and pull-ups.

Below are some pictures with some personal tips!


Deadlifts: 6 sets- 3 warm up sets, then 3-4 working sets.
I like to hold this position for a couple seconds, to also get a good squeeze in the glutes.
Underhand wide, easy-bar rows: 4 sets. Be sure to get that good initial stretch!
When pulling, don’t overly grip the bar. Instead, have a loose grip and focus on pulling with your elbows- to get a better contraction in your back.
Cable lateral raises: 3 sets.


Overhead press. 4 sets.


When fulling pressing overhead (not infront), act like you’re opening a window and “peering” through. This is a more natural movement on the shoulders. Keep your back, glutes, and core tight to maintain stability.
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.34.11 PM.png
Finish with 3 sets of pull-ups.

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7 thoughts on “Back and Shoulder Workout

    1. Thanks James! My overhead press is actually pretty weak-those are only 10lb plates on both sides. I guess like anything else, consistency is key to gain the strength to do more.


    1. That’s how I got started! It takes a lot of time to build the strength to do pull ups continuously. I think it’s better to try without the assisted machine anyway, to do how you’re doing, getting a little push from your boyfriend. Even doing one or two pull ups, and then holding it as long as you can will help you get stronger. Be persistant and you will be pumpin’ them out in a couple months! 🙂


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