My Fitness Journey

Hey guys,

Before I start posting about fitness related things, I thought I should shed some insight about my fitness journey.

Halfway through my Freshman year at LU, I had gained over 20 lbs (pic below). This was from bad eating and lack of effective work in the gym. I would go to the gym a couple days a week, and like most girls, would stay on the treadmill or elliptical for 20-30 minutes and really think I was doing something good. Then I would do abs for 10 minutes in hopes of getting a toned stomach with the v-line I so desperately wanted. Little did I know I was doing things so wrong.


I met my boyfriend around this time, and he was getting into lifting. He was constantly reading and watching videos on, and would teach me exercises and other things like nutrition. At first I was hesitant towards lifting weights. I believed in the misconception, like many other girls, that if I lift weights I’ll end up looking like a man.

The next year I continued to lift- selectively. I would work only certain muscles, and was picky about which exercises I would do. I did cut some things that were bad out of my diet, (like sweet tea) which was extremely hard at first for me. Back then I was mad about needing to eat better to see the results I wanted, plus I didn’t have good self control with food, so I would tend to eat a bunch of crap on my “cheatday.” I really over did it on those days. I felt like “hey, I gotta get the most out of it, might as well.”

Three years later, I have come a long way. It hasn’t been a straight upward path. It has consisted of many trials and errors. Frustration. It takes awhile to learn what works for you. The most important principle I had to learn was that nutrition is the key. Lifting is queen, but diet is king.


For more pictures and videos on my fitness journey, check out @hmillerfit on IG

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