How Should I Train?

Simplifying how to effectively build muscle or lose weight.

This post is somewhat part two of Ladies: Start Here and “I Want to Lift, But Don’t Know Where to Start”. Fitness is becoming over complicated with deluded advice and “get me rich quick” scams.

Let’s get back to the basics, shall we? Read More

Why “It Works!” Doesn’t Really Work

“It Works!” – Most of us have heard about this magical wrap from someone, or have seen it on social media. This wrap supposedly melts away fat around your stomach in just a few days. Sounds great, right? It is- temporarily. Read More

How To Burn 300 Calories In Less Than 30 Minutes

I hate doing cardio, however, it’s undeniable that it is necessary when trying to get lean. So I have experimented with ways to effectively burn more in a shorter amount of time. Read More

Trying to Loose Weight?

Trying to loose weight can be frustrating. You change the way you eat and spend an hour or more on the treadmill several times a week, but feel like you aren’t seeing the immediate results that you so desperately want. Read More

My Fitness Journey

Hey guys,

Before I start posting about fitness related things, I thought I should shed some insight about my fitness journey.

Halfway through my Freshman year at LU, I had gained over 20 lbs (pic below). Read More