How Should I Train?

Simplifying how to effectively build muscle or lose weight.

This post is somewhat part two of Ladies: Start Here and “I Want to Lift, But Don’t Know Where to Start”. Fitness is becoming over complicated with deluded advice and “get me rich quick” scams.

Let’s get back to the basics, shall we?

If your goals are to get biggerto build more muscle, whether that’s overall or a specific muscle, like your biceps or glutes, you need to eat more and to lift more weight. Period.

Lifting heavy and eating an abundance of calories allows the muscle to be nourished so it can grow. This is commonly referred to as bulking.

So ladies, if you want a bigger, perkier, firmer bum, stop being scared to lift more weight at the gym and eat more. Treat yo self! But at the same time, put those extra macros to good use by challenging yourself with more weight at the gym.

Yes, if you start bulking you will look a little fluffy- you’ll loose definition; but when you shed off those extra pounds you put on, you will reveal a more shapely body. Here’s a visual comparison from my previous bulk last winter.

On the other hand, if your goals are to cut, to be more defined or toned, you need to eat less and burn more.

I recently have gotten back from a cruise where I enjoyed myself with sugary tropical frozen drinks and other treats. So I have now put on a few pounds and lost some definition, especially in my upper body. How I plan to lose this weight, to lower my body fat percentage so that more muscle definition will show, is by eating more conciously (better food choices), and burning more calories.

I am currently pushing my meals back, holding off to have breakfast as late as possible, usually before going to the gym. Sometimes I’ll have a light lunch, like a salad. And for dinner, I’ll have my main meal; mostly consisting of some kind of protein source and vegetables.

At the gym, I’m implementing supersets and resistance training and cutting down on rest time. For example, I’ll do a set of sumo dumbell squats, immediately followed by lunges, minimizing rest time. At the end of my workout, I’ll do 20-30 minutes of cardio on an inclined treadmill– it’s a great way to get those calories burnin’!

So, don’t buy into (literally and figuratively) deceptive people’s/businesses’ advice or products.

Keep it simple.

Enjoy life. Stay healthy. And get sweaty!

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