Don’t Be Afraid To Bulk

Don’t be afraid to put on a little weight this season in order to build muscle. This involves loosing some definition and visibility of some of your muscles. Us girls are the most hesitant with bulking, but what you have to remember is it’s temporary. When you cut and shed off what you have gained (and maybe a little more) you will unveil a better built physique! (See progress pics at the bottom)

Maybe you’re scared what other people will think. “If I bulk I’ll look like a man, or look like I stopped lifting.” If that’s what jumps into other people’s minds then that’s their problem, not yours. They don’t know the science and art behind bodybuilding and aren’t worth trying to impress anyway. Once you cut and have a more sculpted, beautiful body, you will realize (and so will they) that it is necessary and worth it!

To build muscle properly you have to be in a caloric surplus. Furthermore, you need to use take advantage of your extra macros by changing up your routine and lifting heavier. Since I’m now starting to bulk again, I will sometimes have a donut before or after working out to spike my insulin levels.

If I have a donie, it’s usually on the days I do legs or glutes. I was not able to do this during the summer while cutting, but now that I am bulking, I can be a little more lax and enjoy myself time to time. The carbs and sugars give me a quick boost of energy, which really helps on the days I am tired from class.

However, do not over do it with treats like donuts. If you’re going to have one, make sure you’ve earned it and put in hard work at the gym.

Also, if you are starting to feel depressed from the “fluffiness,” incorporate some cardio. You want to bulk in a good way, not a dirty bulk.

This was taken at the peak of my bulk last winter. My arms were huge and undefined. I built alot of muscle on my back.
This was taken at the peak of my bulk last winter. My arms were HUGE and undefined, but it was during this time I built a lot of muscle on my back.


This was taken a couple months ago. I was leaning out here. You can see my arms and back are much more defined.
Taken a couple months ago. I was leaning out here. You can see my arms and back are much more defined.
Please excuse the ratchetness lol. I always end up taking progress pics after the gym before hitting the shower.

For more pics, visit my IG @hmillerfit 🙂

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Bulk

  1. I think that the fear of bulking (aka gaining weight!) is so real for a lot of women! But you’re right, theres no need to worry about people judging you just because they dont know the process. Nice post 🙂

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  2. Do you monitor BF% during a bulk?
    I ask because I ended up in a dirty bulk without realizing it at first. Now I try to limit how far/fast my BF% increases, with the use of a ‘smart-scale’. The BF% readings may not be completely accurate, but they are relative.
    BTW, Looking good (esp that upper back, Damn!)👍


  3. To be honest, I do not monitor my body fat percentage. I just try to be concise about what I eat. I am essentially eating the same things as when I was cutting (besides treats, had those less often) but now am eating more calories, more carbs and so on.
    Last year, I also ended up in somewhat of a dirty bulk as well. I was prepping for a push/pull competition and was eating bad for it. Plus I just didn’t have good self control with food last year. Also, I rarely ever did cardio during last years bulk, which was a really bad decision. It made for more work to cut. But you know what they say, live and learn. This year I will be doing things much differently!
    How has the smart-scale worked for you? And thank you 🙂


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