Fruit Ain’t Always “Sweet”

After the gym today, I stopped by Kroger this afternoon to pick up a few things, like chicken for the rest of the week and some avocados, and while on my way to checkout, I stopped to look at the different protein bars (which annoyingly, most still have horrible macros). Anyway, a heavy set man entered the aisle and asked for my advice on a few things- which is a large reason as to why I am writing this post.

He said he has recently became a diabetic and that he is trying to eat healthy and has been drinking a lot of cranberry juice, because he heard it’s so good for you. He then asked me what I thought about cranberry juice and what I typically drink. I told him that I don’t frequently drink juices, because they’re so high in sugar; even though it’s natural sugar, it’s still sugar that I don’t need. I just drink water.

Well, he didn’t seem too happy with my response; he didn’t want to accept it and make the change.

I get it. Water isn’t the most exciting thing to drink, but it’s essential, and cutting out soda, sweet tea and other high-sugary drinks is a great way to start. Yes, it’s really hard to cut back at first when you are so used to drinking them on a daily basis. I used to drink sweet tea like it was water. I was addicted to that stuff, let me tell you. I’d get it from Chick-fil-a all the time and buy a whole gallon of sweet tea from Walmart to keep in my dorm and end up drinking it all within a few days.

So what’s my point?

My point is this; yes, fruits and (some) juices are great. Fruits have an abundance of vitamins that our bodies need. However, many juices are filled with preservatives and/or other unnatural components, so you are better off just eating a fruit or making juice yourself. But if you’re over doing it and drinking a whole jug of juice in a day (like the man told me he was), or eating 5 oranges within a day, that is too much- too much sugar.

So, drink lots of water, and have some fruit in a reasonable manner. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fruit Ain’t Always “Sweet”

  1. This is a piece of wisdom. Fruit juices are fine with a light meal, but are not meant to be guzzled like water. Most are not 100% fruit juices either and therefore are simply sugary drinks that don’t give us that cleanse boost we are looking for. Water, however, as you’ve pointed out… do that all day long.


    1. Exactly! I get so frustrated and angry with companies (well more so with their advertising/marketing team), because of how deceptive they are. In part, it is the consumer’s responsibility to do their own research and to not take what they see at face value all the time. But so many people are easily fooled when it comes to products proclaiming or associated with being “healthy,” like juices. As you said, they’re not 100% real fruit juices, but rather, jacked up with sugar.

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