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Chances are, if you have taken up lifting, you have probably come across the term, “mind-to-muscle” connection- and there is good reason for it- because it’s so important and effective. To consciously and purposefully, focus on your muscle(s) to properly perform each rep with absolute focus and control.

Too often, people in the gym (usually newcomers or ego-driven individuals) will perform exercises with improper form and without purpose. Take that guy who tries to bust out bicep curls like it’s a competition of who can do them the fastest; they make a whole bunch of movement, but in reality, they aren’t really doing anything, effectively anyhow.

The key is to slow down. Finesse each movement. Feel it. Tweak the movement slightly if you have to, to get that good contraction. Make each rep count and squeeze the muscle at its prime position.

For example, when doing isolated exercises (exercises that target and use one specific muscle) such as glute kick backs, take your time to make optimal use of each squeeze.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that my glutes and hamstrings are my primary goals to further develop. Since I have slowed down and made more of a conscious effort of being focused, I have seen much more improvement with results.

And let me tell ya, you’ll notice it in the gym too; the contraction is much different when you are being intentional. It’s a tighter, fuller squeeze in the muscle(s) you’re working. That’s how you know you have the mind-to-muscle connection in full gear; you feel it both mentally and physically.

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