Good, Cheap Self-Tanner

One of the things I dislike about winter (besides the cold) is that I can’t lay outside and tan, so therefore I become pale- fast. In the summer, being tan highlights your muscles and you just look and feel better. So instead of laying in the tanning bed this season, I use a self-tanner at home so I don’t look so washed out.

I recently did a little research online for a good self tanner that is cheap and ended up buying Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum by L’oreal for about $7 at Walmart. The results? Great!

FullSizeRender-4 copy


It looks natural, doesn’t feel too sticky, and I haven’t experienced any streaks yet. I always exfoliate with a loofa and then shave before applying to reduce this risk, and it has proven to be a success. I do not put it on my face, as you can see, because my foundation matches my skin tone with this tanner. I use the tanner about every 3 days or so. Before applying, I put a thin layer of lotion on so my skin will be nice and moisturized.

Being “tan” again is great because it makes your muscles more visually distinguished, and who doesn’t like that? 🙂

What tanner’s have you found to work for you?

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Have a good Monday!!

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