SHREDDY FOR THE WEDDY: Physique Update & Make-Up Trial

In the latest vlog I share where I am with my bod, my wedding make-up trial, and a minor Bombshell Sportswear Legging review! Check it out!

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GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS | Tweaking Execution

Try this great glute and ham workout with stability and resistant exercises! Now let’s get sweaty!

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Do It With TENSION | Glutes, Hams, Quads

Intentionally maintaining tension throughout your exercises is a beneficial method for challenging the muscle(s). This lower body workout focuses on slowing it down a bit with good squeezes (contractions) and stretches. Read More

Upper Body Workout | High Intensity

Increasing the volume for exercises while also decreasing rest time in between sets and reps is a great way to amp up the intensity of your workouts–especially if you’re cutting (decreasing body fat). Give this upper body workout a try and focus on doing just that!  Read More

Glute & Hamstring MUST DO’S

These are a couple of my favorite exercises when it comes to targeting glutes and hams. Making tweaks on the execution of an exercise can make it a whole other game!

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