Buying leggings from a company online for the first time can leave you feeling a little unsure with questions. Below, I cover how Gymshark’s DRY Sculpture Leggings look, feel, perform, and ship, along with some pros and cons, so you can feel more confident before hitting that checkout button.

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Don’t have to do much explaining here as these leggings obviously look super cute! I chose ‘Slate Blue,’ as I thought the color was different and pretty.

I love the mesh/transparent lining down the leg, and the handy pockets on the sides, and backside. When wearing these, I slip my iPhone 6 in, and don’t find it to get in the way–love it! More companies should incorporate this feature into their leggings, cough cough, Nike.


The main material is 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane, which to be honest, feels somewhat heavy and sticky (and gross) when getting sweaty, as it somewhat absorbs and holds onto sweat. Therefore, this material is not like Nike’s Dri-FIT, where it absorbs moisture but still remains feeling light.


In my past experience, when I would get leggings that originally fit perfectly, they would usually become too loose (especially in the waistband) as time went on. So now, I often purchase leggings a size smaller, as I like my leggings to be tight, but not over-compressive.

In jeans I typically wear a size 2. The leggings shown here are size small.

If I were to purchase these over, I would go with a size medium instead of small because I have to wrestle with these to get them on and off; plus, I feel that these compress my legs and bum too much.

I must say though, the waistband on these are nice and tight–I don’t find myself constantly pulling them up after each set in the gym, so that is definitely a plus.


I was impressed with how fast I received my leggings, considering they come all the way from the U.K.

I paid $15 for two-day shipping, rather than $10 for 5-7 business days. For $5 more, might as well, right? In totalGymshark’s DRY Sculpture Leggings come to be $58 (unless you use a Gymshark athlete’s discount code at check-out).


So how do these perform in the gym? Pretty good! Check ’em out in action:

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Overall, I give these leggings an 7/10.

And so, I will continue on my hunt to find the perfect pair of gym leggings! (See more reviews below!)

What’s your favorite?

I am not associated with Gymshark and therefore do not receive any form of compensation. I’m just a girl offering her opinion in hopes to help other gals judge sizing and such.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about these leggings for soooo long. Just waiting for the right time where I have a little extra wiggle room in my budget. Thanks for the thoughtful and honest review! I think I will pick up a pair around christmas (maybe I will see it under the tree)!

    I absolutely LOVE lulu’s Align pants. If you haven’t tried them, you must. It’s the closest thing to being naked at the gym without actually being naked. Plus, they feel so soft to touch I just want to wrap myself in a lulu legging cocoon. I *think* I saw a pair on their clearance ($68) recently, but they’re worth the regular $100+ price tag tbh


    1. I have never owned a pair of LuLu’s, but I have heard great things about them. The way you describe them- I know I would love them! Like you though, I may have to wait until Christmas to get them.

      Thank you for sharing Carly! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank god i found this review! I love the look of this pair of leggings, but i wasn’t sure if they’re see through as some other gym shark leggings. But i still don’t know which size i need – it’s so difficult!

    Thanks for this great review, the leggings look amazing on you!


    1. Glad you found the review helpful Tamara. 🙂

      I know, judging the right size online is hard. I don’t have experience with any of their other leggings, so I don’t know how to compare these to those. Sorry girl.

      I hope you’re able to find the right size for you!


  3. Thanks for the great review. I really want a pair of gymshark leggings but I’m a bit concerned I’ll get them and they won’t fit right. I’ve been struggling to decide on a size but this has helped a lot. Thanks 😊😊


    1. Kudzi, so glad to of been of help! 🙂
      I understand what you mean completely about trying to figure out sizing online. If I would purchase these leggings over again, I would definitely go up with the next size, and not put them in the dryer whatsoever.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for this helpful review! How large is the hidden pocket? I have a Samsung s5 neo and i am afraid it won’t fit in there :/


    1. Glad you enjoyed the review Marie! 🙂

      The pocket in the back will probably be too small for your phone (depth wise); however I think you should be able to fit your phone in the side-leg pockets–dependent on the sizing of your case (if you have one).


  5. These leggings sure do look phenomenal, I cant even imagine the feeling when one is sporting these leggings , as their lightest fabric , could make any person feel comfortable!. I would most probably recommend these for workout sessions because of their texture and feel. Props to you for such a honest review!

    Sasha Brown |


  6. Great review Hannah,

    You did a fantastic job of putting those Gymshark leggings through its paces!

    You should definitely checkout the seamless range on offer as they would really go well with the sculpture leggings due to the fibre rentention and enhanced ventilation for those sweaty gym sessions. Will certainly complete the overall look!

    I know that there are a number of codes that you can use to get money off which are sometimes higher than what a few Gymshark athletes can provide. Definitely worth checking out.

    Either way, amazing post and look forward to the next on. 🙂


    1. I’ve read all your reviews and was thinking of purchasing these! I do a lot of squatting and find a lot of leggings (like the Nike pro) are see through. Lu Lus are my go to, you should try a pair of their All The Right Places or Wonder Unders. They’re amazing quality! A bit pricey. Are these gym shark leggings see through at all? Thanks!


      1. Happy to hear that you’ve read all of the reviews! I hope you found them to be helpful. 🙂
        These leggings are only see through on the sides–where the mesh lining is–but not in the back.
        I’ve had Lu Lu’s on my list to get for awhile. I’ve heard great things about them! How is the sizing?


  7. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for awhile. So glad I saw your review 👍🏻 Would you say these show sweat stains though, esp in the back?


    1. Glad you liked the review Chelsey! 😊 Yes, the material absorbs sweat so it will show up in the back when you get a good sweat going.

      Not sure if you can tell, but in the last picture shown, there is a fair amount of sweat on my hip area, surrounding the side pocket.


  8. Hey!! I love your site! It’s so inspirational and motivating! You’re doing such a great job! I just got my gym shark leggings in the mail. I was basic and got the flex leggings and the seamless and I’m already obsessed! They fit so well. I reviewed leggings on my blog too! If you’re still on the hunt for a perfect pair at a low price I would HIGHLY recommend the ones I reviewed! Check it out if you want! 🙂


  9. Hey thanks for the review! Do you mind sharing your measurements? I have a 25 1/2 inch waist so I was going to get a small, but if they’re really tight then maybe I will try a medium, as I don’t like when leggings are soooooo form fitting. Thoughts? 🙂


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