Glute & Hamstring MUST DO’S

These are a couple of my favorite exercises when it comes to targeting glutes and hams. Making tweaks on the execution of an exercise can make it a whole other game!

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Bombshell Sportswear Thigh High Sock Leggings


Fitness meets fashion with these sexy, luxurious, athletic leggings! This comprehensive review covers how Bombshell Sportswear’s Thigh-High Sock Leggings™ look, feel, perform, and ship, along with some pros and cons, so you can decide whether or not to add them to your gym wardrobe. Read More

Targeting GLUTE-HAM Tie-In

To better develop the glutes, it’s important to also build the hamstrings, specifically, the glute-ham tie in. Give this awesome workout a try that focuses on just that!

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