The Workout Plan You Need For Home | HOME BANDED BOOTY BURNER

It’s the workout plan you’ve always wanted, but never had! Get off your bum and work it with this newest plan!

“Hey Hannah! So I want to workout at home, but I don’t have that much time or equipment — and I want to target my butt and my legs. What should I do??”

It’s because of this exact question that I developed Home Banded Booty Burner.

Busy moms, traveling, on-the-go gals, or anyone else wanting to get in a quick booty workout — I made this plan for you.

Home Banded Booty Burner is carefully crafted to target every part of your glutes (i.e. gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus) in all of the workouts. Complete with pictures and written tips on form (so you know how to properly perform each exercise effectively); the plan also has suggested sets and reps, along with some nutritional advice. Furthermore, Home Banded Booty Burner is flexible to make the given workouts easier or harder — it’s up to you!


Don’t have resistance bands? No worries! Follow the guided workouts using only body weight until you are able to get some. This will allow you to focus on better perfecting your form before adding more resistance.

Due to its recent launch, Home Banded Booty Burner is on sale, but for a limited time only!

Steal a deal and bundle down! Get Home Banded Booty Burner and 6-Week Bootybuilding 101 together, for $25! Just use discount code “BUNDLE” at check-out!

Have a question about one of the plans? Contact me!

Find out more about the plans here.



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