Rolfstone Nova truly wireless earbuds

Review: ROLFSTONE NOVA | True Wireless Earbuds

An in-depth review of Rolfstone Nova truly wireless earbuds, after 2 months of use.


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The Rolfstone Nova true wireless earbuds look modern, yet discreet. They are the perfect size; not too big, not too small.


Rolfstone Nova truly wireless earbuds


It is such a great, freeing feeling to be able to lift, run, jump, box — whatever, you name it — without the annoyance and weight of a cord.

The earbuds come with 3 different eartip pieces to find your perfect fit. For me, the original eartips that were on the earbuds right out of the box fit snug and securely. Very rarely do I have to adjust them while being active, and I’ve never had any problems with an earbud falling out while working out.


Rolfstone Nova wireless earbuds


I think we can all agree the most important aspect of any headphone is the sound quality. The Rolfstone Nova wireless earbuds sound clear and pretty rich in bass. One minor critique that I have is that the volume could be a little louder, but that could be a personal preferance.


Rolfstone Nova true wireless headphones


I’ve had a positive experience with the earbud’s connectivity; they are easy to connect to your device and have a fair amount of range. I have gone from one end of the gym to the other without disturbances. However, once you go into another room enclosed by walls or other structural things, the signal will begin to get “iffy” and/or go out.

I would say the signal could vary anywhere from 50-100ft depending on your surroundings.


Rolfstone Nova truly wireless earbuds

Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the gym (after the pre-workout has kicked in) only to find your earbuds are dead; it can completely kill the vibe of your workout!

One of best features of the Rolfstone Nova wireless earbuds is the impressive battery life.

The earbuds are stored and charged in their casing — which is super convenient when on-the-go.

On the website the Rolfstone Nova earbuds are said to last up to 15 hours on a single charge of the case. In my experience, one charge of the case can last the earbuds an entire week before needing to be charged again. For me, that’s about 4-5 individual workout sessions (1 – 1 1\2 hours each) and some other listening time throughout the week. That’s pretty darn impressive.




The Rolfstone Nova earbuds retail for 79.95 EUR, around $95.85 USD. They have truly changed my experience in the gym for the better. After experiencing truly wireless earbuds, it’s hard to go back!

Overall, I give the Rolfstone Nova wireless earbuds a 9/10.


I received this product for free along with compensation to provide an honest review.


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