Ab Wheel | Core Strength & Stability

How to safely and effectively use the ab wheel.

The ab roller is truly an awesome tool to challenge both your core’s strength, and stability; however it’s often used incorrectly, and therefore, ineffectively.

Like most abdominal exercises, it’s very important to keep your core tightly engaged, along with a slightly rounded back to better engage the core and to protect the lower back.

If you roll out and feel a sharp pull in your back, chances are, you aren’t actively engaging your core, along with having an arched back. Instead, practice maintaining a contracted core, rounded back, tight glutes, leading self forward through the hips.

Take it slow, only allowing yourself to go out as far as you can with control and proper form. And over time, with practice (and patience) you will get better and better!

What’s your favorite ab exercise? Share below!


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