5 Exercises For A Better Bum

Learn how to do the following 5 exercises for a fuller, firmer, and rounder bum. Let’s check ’em out-

Throw some of these bootybuilding exercises into your week, and over time, you will see just how great they really are!

Sumo Deadlifts

Back straight, chest up, wide stance with toes pointed slightly out — with weight in heels, drive up through heels into glutes, shifting hips forward and contracting (squeezing) glutes. Keep back straight throughout whole movement and do not pull with lower back. The key is to utilize the glutes.

Alternative: can use kettlebell (shown below) or dumbbell in place of barbell


Bulgarian Split Lunges

First focus on getting the form down before adding weight.

Back straight, chest up, and core contracted (for stability) — lower self through heel of foot on ground (90° in knee) and shift weight into glute — push self back up through same glute. Do not press off with raised foot on bench — this defeats the purpose of the exercise. The focus here is to utilize the glute to push self up.

Once you have the form down, add weight by grasping dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates.


Hip Thrusts

Back straight, chest up, feet planted, bench positioned near shoulder blades, bar above hips — with weight in heels, drive up with hips and glutes and contract (squeeze) glutes.

Alternative: can use kettlebell (shown below) or dumbbell in place of barbell


Cable Kick-Backs

With torso forward, back straight — drive strapped foot back through heel and into glute, squeezing glute at top of movement. Visualize your glute muscle and focus on performing the movement with only it. Do not tense and/or pull with lower back.


Hip Abductors

For a better contraction in the abductors, sit (or hover) above the edge of the seat — lean torso forward, back straight, and push pads out — utilizing the abductor muscles. Focus on getting those good stretches and yep, you guessed it, contractions in the abductors.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of all exercises to target your glutes; but these are some of my favorites which I have found to be very effective in further developing and growing the glutes.

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