7 Ingredient Healthy Pizza

I was craving pizza but didn’t want to feel heavy and gross (and guilty) after eating one from delivery, so I decided to experiment and make one with a tortilla! Quiet a success I must say.

You only need 7 ingredients, which cost about $20 in total. And there is plenty left over to make several more too!

FullSizeRender 6Ingredients:

  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Tomato paste
  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Cooked chicken and ham
  • Fresh mozzarella
FullSizeRender 8
Put on your desired amount of tomato paste.
Top with onions and green pepper.
FullSizeRender 4
Add some already cooked chicken and ham.
FullSizeRender 3
Put fresh mozzarella!
FullSizeRender 7
Put in oven (at 380) for 6-8 min. Until edges are golden brown and crispy.
FullSizeRender 5
Finish with some oregano and crushed red pepper (if ya wanna).


FullSizeRender 2
And a couple drops of hot sauce.

It get’s a little messy because the tortilla is crunchy- so get a napkin ready and enjoy!

When I first sat down to eat, I thought to myself, “this isn’t going to fill me up,” but it actually did. I was quite pleased!

What pizza hacks have you found?

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5 thoughts on “7 Ingredient Healthy Pizza

  1. So I make macro friendly pizzas at least twice a week now (it’s becoming a problem) and here are a few things I’ve learned to use. If you want a better crust, flat out makes a pizza crust they sell at Walmart, or you can pick up a flat bread or even a delicious naan bread. Fat free mozzarella is pretty gross on it own, great on a pizza! Turkey pepperoni is great if you love pepperoni but don’t love the high fat content. Lastly, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! You only need about a tablespoon per pizza so it’s only an additional 9-10 carbs if you’re worried about that. As always, great post!

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