The Poison of “Fine”

“I’m fine.” We say it all the time- whether it’s to others or to ourselves. But here’s the problem with being fine. Nothing grows from it; nothing changes.

Being fine is being content- in a bad way. It’s settling. It’s accepting things the way they are, because you are too fearful or doubtful to even attempt something because you’re afraid you’re going to fail.

I was struggling with fear and self-doubt for the past month or so- with classes, getting a job after I graduate (one I actually enjoy), and just my future in general. And from what I have seen from my fellow bloggers is that it’s a fairly common issue others struggle with as well.

Whetheritbe fear/doubt at your job, in school, fitness, or your future- fear can be a terrible poison. It can prevent you from attempting something you may sincerely want so strongly, but before you even make an attempt, you talk yourself out of it because you’re afraid of failing or getting rejected. Can you relate?

I recently listened to a video from Ted Talks (video below) where Mel Robbins pretty much talks about how to get what you want (skip to min 5:04). She discusses this with humor, wisdom, and encouragement. I highly encourage you to watch this video! I promise after listening (and laughing) from Robbins that you will feel empowered to go get what you want- I know I did!

What are your thoughts/comments on Robbin’s message?

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