Why So Serious?

This post has nothing to do with fitness. It does however have to do with my growing concern for society.

We are more connected than ever. Have more resources and technology at our disposal than ever- yet you look around you and many people have this serious, somber look on their face. And I get it, life is hard. Stressful. Tiring. You can’t have a smile on your face 24/7, but at the same time, let’s not forget how short and fragile life is people!

A couple weeks ago it was my birthday, so I went to this really nice Brazilian Steak House with my mom and boyfriend. The atmosphere was pretty, luxurious, the quality of the meats were AMAZING, the servers were extremely friendly, professional, attentive; yet, I looked around me and every table but ours was filled with grim faces. I wanted to say lighten up people! Look where you are! Enjoy life!

When I started to notice this on others, I had to do some self reflecting, and I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it too at times. I’ve been catching myself feeling down occasionally and unconsciously displaying it on my face. And it made me think about a question I was once asked several years ago.

Back when I was a Freshman in highschool, I was sitting in my science class and a fellow classmate just straight up asked me in an annoyed tone, “Why do you smile so much?!”- like she was disgusted and couldn’t understand how I could be smiling and laughing all the time. I can’t remember exactly how I responded, but it was to the effect of because I am happy in life (with a smart aleck tone of course). Imagine if more of us got asked that. We should.

Like I said, life is short. Don’t take yourself and others too seriously. Smile more, laugh more. Live more.

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Featured image is from @itsdougthepug, the cutest pug in the whole world. 


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