Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Don’t let the fear of “what will other people think” stop you from doing certain exercises! Likewise, don’t let the fear of “I’m gonna look dumb” prohibit you from trying new things. We all go through it. When trying something new you have to allow yourself time before you “get it.” Your body has to create that mind-to-muscle connection before you “get the hang of it.” Don’t do a set of something new and then stop because you feel like you aren’t doing it right or that you think you look stupid. Keep trying and tweak it till you feel it.

Ladies, do you want to have a nice butt, but are too scared and embarrassed to attempt exercises like the hip abductor/adductor machine, donkey kick backs, or stiff legged deadlifts? Well, get use to the fact that you’re going to have to do some awkward, slightly suggestive looking exercises. They may look and feel uncomfortable, but they will get you closer to your booty goals!

I remember when I first started using the hip abductor/adductor machine; I would always look around before starting to make sure no one was watching me. And if it was really crowded at the gym I wouldn’t even bother because I was too scared. No. Own it. Be confident. You will eventually not even think twice about it after time, because you will be so focused on yourself and making gains!!

I hope you feel slightly more confident and empowered to try new things. Remember, when you limit yourself from certain exercises, you are also limiting your bodies’ progress.

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6 thoughts on “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  1. This is so true. Especially for us lady lifters. The weights room is typically filled with “scary, horn men” , haha. Doing barbell squats or deadlines always made me stare directly at the mirror ahead so I wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone haha. It helped me gain confidence and realize no one is staring at my ass, and if they are…I must be doing some decent training to create such a fuss. Hahahhaha

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  2. This kind of thing is very underrated. People take it for granted, being able to do exactly what you want and in front of whoever in the gym without the fear of judgement. Although to be honest, judgement happens anyway – good or bad. I’m forever trying to help the women I work with to do as you did, and overcome the ‘discomfort’. I’m winning the war gradually 🙂

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    1. Yes! It’s a matter of being confident with yourself, and lifting for yourself and not others. People are going to think what they want, and say what they want anyway. Keep it up with encouraging the girls! They will overcome through time 🙂


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