Intermittent Fasting

What is it? Why do it? What are the perks?

Since the beginning of this past summer, I have adapted a new pattern of eating — intermittent fasting; to see what it’s like and how my body responds. As a result, I have waited several months before writing and publishing this very post. Let’s dive in- Read More

Week #1 of Beginner Booty Plan

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I have been working on creating a 6-week beginner bootybuilding plan and have decided to release a sneak peak! Read More

How To Make Cardio Suck Less

Oh, cardio…how we dread you so. However, it’s impossible to deny the positive effects you give. Below are suggestions on how to make cardio more bearable, and even how to actually start enjoying cardio.

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Gym Essentials

Yes, I am that girl who carries her gym bag with her at the gym- but it’s not just for show. My gym bag has everything I need or may need when training. Here’s what and why-

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Ladies: Start Here

Jumping into the fitness lifestyle can be intimidating and may leave you feeling a little lost at first with questions like, “How should I start lifting? What exercises should I be doing? What things should I eat? What things should I not be eating?”
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