The Poison of “Fine”

“I’m fine.” We say it all the time- whether it’s to others or to ourselves. But here’s the problem with being fine. Nothing grows from it; nothing changes.

Being fine is being content- in a bad way. It’s settling. It’s accepting things the way they are, because you are too fearful or doubtful to even attempt something because you’re afraid you’re going to fail. Read More

Good, Cheap Self-Tanner

One of the things I dislike about winter (besides the cold) is that I can’t lay outside and tan, so therefore I become pale- fast. In the summer, being tan highlights your muscles and you just look and feel better. So instead of laying in the tanning bed this season, I use a self-tanner at home so I don’t look so washed out. Read More

The Fitlife Struggle of Visiting Home

I am currently home for fall break. Visiting home and staying consistent in exercise and nutrition can be somewhat of a challenge- especially when family and friends don’t completely understand the lifestyle of bodybuilding. Read More