Let’s Talk About Tacos

I enjoy Chipotle every now and then, but most of the time, I prefer to make my own tacos/ burritos- that way you know how fresh the ingredients are, and you have complete control over everything that gets put in and left out. Plus, once you purchase all the ingredients, you have enough left over to make the meal again, sometimes several times over! Totally worth it. Read More

A Jug A Day Keeps Your Body In Play

Water plays a huge role in our bodies- it makes up nearly 80% of it. So I find it ironically bad that the most fundamental liquid we need we tend to restrict ourselves from having enough of it. Read More

The Fitlife Struggle of Visiting Home

I am currently home for fall break. Visiting home and staying consistent in exercise and nutrition can be somewhat of a challenge- especially when family and friends don’t completely understand the lifestyle of bodybuilding. Read More