A Problem With Pre-Workouts | Mental & Physical

A Problem With Pre-Workouts | Mental & Physical

My preferences for many things relating to health and fitness has evolved over the past four years; one of these things is pre-workout.

I used to be a frequent consumer of whey protein, protein bars/cookies, pre-workout, and other supplements. Now, I very rarely purchase any of these products because I strive to minimize my intake of processed foods and their artificial additives; devoting myself to eating as whole and nutrient-rich as possible.

With the global explosion of the fitness craze these past few years, many have begun consuming pre-workout ignorantly–both from a mental and physical standpoint.

Pre-workouts have given birth to the common misconception that you need them in order to have a good workout–that without them, you will have a bad workout, which will be ineffective, which will lead to lesser progress.

There are so many individuals, women and men alike, who have given into this snowballing line of thought–wrongly perceiving pre-workouts as a magical form of liquid motivationcompletely unaware of what’s in some of these products.

Proprietary blends are frequently used in many popular pre-workouts (ex. BPI’s 1.M.R. VORTEX (shown below)) so that the company can avoid sharing with you, the consumer, what exactly is in their product(s), and how much; whether it be due to inefficient dosage or added fillers–either way, it’s dishonest towards you, the consumer, for you don’t know with 100% certainty what’s in there.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.54.03 PM
BPI 1 M.R. VORTEX | nutrition facts

If you’re looking for your next pre-workout, I highly encourage you to first do some research and pursue a more transparent company that sells non-proprietary blends; or, you can just keep it simple (and natural) by brewing up a strong cup of joe–it’s been working great for me!

The fitness industry has increasingly become more and more deceptive and misleading with false conceptions and even some flat-out lies, especially when it comes to supplements; so don’t take everything at face value–do your research and make well-informed decisions.

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6 thoughts on “A Problem With Pre-Workouts | Mental & Physical

  1. I have personally experienced this struggle. After continuously experimenting with preworkouts a couple yrs ago, I found i was always anxious and unable to sleep at night. You never know the long term effects of these things. That said, i miss the energy they gave me, im curious for your recommendation of some good brands to try

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    1. I understand, I too previously found myself wanting pre-workout every time I worked out (even though I knew that I didn’t need it–it had just become a habit) after regularly taking it for a couple years.

      After thinking about it, I can’t really recommend any pre-workout(s). I feel that they are unnecessary and overrated. I would just recommend keeping it simple with a cup of coffee–my favorite right now is Café Bustelo because it’s more like espresso. 😛


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