Why “It Works!” Doesn’t Really Work

“It Works!” – Most of us have heard about this magical wrap from someone, or have seen it on social media. This wrap supposedly melts away fat around your stomach in just a few days. Sounds great, right? It is- temporarily.

Whenever I hear about a new product like this in the health/fitness industry, I always think of the old saying; “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

“It Works!” wrap promotes sweating, so therefore you are just losing water weight. So when you replenish the amount of salt and water to your body, you are just going to be right back where you started.

Adkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Low Carb Diet, etc., are more examples of temporary solutions. Fad diets involve drastic, temporary changes to your eating routine, that once you stop, you will most likely not only gain back what you lost, but possibly double. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Our bodies need protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, etc., however, these macros should be balanced; according to your age, height, weight, activity level, and so on. An easy and free way to asses your daily required macros is through the app “MyFitnessPal.”

If you want to see and maintain permanent change in weight loss you need to change what you are eating (for good) and partake in more exercise; whether that be lifting, running, walking, whatever you want/like to do. Furthermore, have patience, because it will take time- lots of time for lasting results. Make sure you are being relatively consistent, all while enjoying yourself in moderation. Remember, eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. And nothing in life of value can be attained through shortcuts.


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9 thoughts on “Why “It Works!” Doesn’t Really Work

  1. You said, ““It Works!” wrap promotes sweating, so therefore you are just loosing water weight. So when you replenish the amount of salt and water to your body, you are just going to be right back where you started.” which is absolutely false. Perhaps you should do some research on the product before writing an article about it? If you sweat while wearing the wraps, THEY WON’T WORK.

    I love when know-it-all’s like you come out and try to bash a product that you haven’t even done proper research on. I absolutely love it.

    Why don’t you tell the THOUSANDS of people who see results from It Works wraps that they don’t work? Please, by all means, tell them that the results are all in their heads. And just like any lifestyle change, if one goes back to their old ways, naturally they won’t keep their results. So don’t tell me that those who see results don’t keep them, because it is THEIR fault they didn’t keep them..


    1. Kristy O. you sound like a low desperate “IT Works” salesperson that cant meet there month quote. Knowingly you attack people that shed light on your sh*t industry which is based on scamming the uneducated consumer.

      Your magical wraps only promotes temporally weight loss due to water loss. If people want that they might as well go to Walmart and buy sandwich wrap. Because that sandwich wrap will have the same effect as your stupid ” It works wrap”.

      Now to illuminate your small and uneducated brain. Weight loss is all about being in caloric deficit. To put things in perspective for your. If your going to the gym 2 hrs a day but your eating more calories than your burning you WILL NEVER LOOSE WEIGHT. So in order to loose weight you need to find out your daily macro nutrient intake for the weight that you are and the daily macro nutrient intake for the weight that you want to be. Slowly your start reducing your macros. By doing so and exercising you will loose good weight.

      Companies like the one you “absolutely love”, make lots of money by banking on the uneducated people concerning fat loose. Because companies like your poop out like mushrooms promoting the next big thing in weight loss.

      Knowledge is power and when your consumer find out that they will never buy. Your just afraid of this article because it is hurting your business.

      There isn’t a magical pill, powder, wrap that will promote fat loss PERIOD!!!!

      Go find out your macros, google it! track what you eat, exercises, enjoy life and see result. BOOM mind blowing!! loosing fat 101.


    2. Kristy, thank you for your comment. I appreciate the opportunity for further discussion.

      My purpose behind this post was not to bash or defame “It Works!” – my purpose was to educate and inform. To be real with people.

      So many women buy into the deceptiveness of products such as “It Works!” and other products like detox teas, and supplements from pathetic companies like Shredz, in hopes of finding an easy and effortless avenue to loose weight. Companies like “It Works!” know this, and they’re getting rich off it, using people as their minions in a pyramid scheme.

      As for your reference to thousands of customers with happy results – there are also hundreds of pissed off customers who have taken it to the Better Business Bureau over the years.

      TINA.org (Truth In Advertising) has an article you should read up on:

      As well as this post from a fellow blogger:

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  2. My diet has become my lifestyle change.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my site if you need blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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  3. Wraps tighten, tone and firm. That’s all. You may lose inches but they aren’t intended for people to lose weight. There are those who do not wait the 72 hours for their final results either. If they do not drink water when wrapping and they don’t drink plenty of water in those 72 hours then yeah they won’t see results. When do those people wrap? Are they wrapping and just partying (drinking alcohol). Yeah there are people that may not get results with the wraps but every ones body is different. Did those people go back to their distributor and find out how to get a refund if they had a problem with the product? People are buying icy hot and plastic wrap to lose water weight but a person buys the rights to a product that costs $300 per use and people say it’s a scam. Why? Because they made it affordable for those people who can’t afford $300 a wrap at the spa? It’s not a weight loss sticker.


    1. N. Ybarra,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I am a little confused however, as to what it is you’re trying to say; the message behind it.

      Wraps don’t really tighten, tone, or firm; they just promote sweating and result in a reduction of water weight, which produces the temporary appearance of more definition or ‘weight loss’. True forms of tightening, toning, and firming, happen underneath the surface- by strengthening muscles and decreasing your body fat percentage.

      One of the problems with “It Works!” is how they market their wraps. You say it’s not meant to be a weight loss tool, however, their distributors clearly portray them to be- a fast, easy, and effortless way to instantly give the appearance that you have lost weight.

      Also, it is part of the consumer’s fault for not doing their research and therefore being naive and buying into this scam of a product- charging an absurd amount of money for something you can achieve the same results with a $5.99 thermal wrap from T.J. Maxx, or as you said, saran wrap.

      As I stated in my original post, I want people to understand that there is NO magical product that is going to give you permanent weight loss, or the appearance of weight loss. You have to physically work for it and earn it. Yes, it’s more work and requires change in the things you eat, but the results and self accomplishment makes it worth it.


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